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Stettler Spotlight - Steve Gerlitz August 24, 2021

Where are you from?

Local hometown boy - right here in Stettler. I was born and grew up in Stettler. I started working at my mom and dad's garage (Korner Service) when I was 7 years old. I had the honour and privilege of being the Wm. E. Hay Composite High School President in 1985.

Why do you choose Stettler as home?

Because Stettler has always and will always be my HOME. We are so lucky to live in a small town with big services. A great place to live and raise a family.

What do you do? What is your full title?

I am the Assistant CAO for the Town of Stettler. I started my career in Local Government in 1989 with the County of Stettler. I was at the County until 2003 where I went to Paintearth County, then to Camrose County as the County CAO and moving back to Stettler in 2014.


Tara and I were married in 2001 and have 3 now young adults (Staci, Todd and Aleah)

Tell us about your education?

I graduated from Wm. E. Hay Composite High School in 1985. I received my Business Administration Certificate from Red Deer College in 1987 and my Local Government Administration Certificate / Citation in Local Government from the University of Alberta in 1992.

Who inspired you in your youth?

Of course my mom and dad. I was so lucky to grow up in Stettler with so many very special people. The best teachers, my Elks brothers, the curling rink family and of course growing up at Korner Service was awesome.

Who inspires you now?

My dad, who I miss a lot

Do you have any hobbies?

We love camping with our dog Jasper in the summer. Curling in the winter. I enjoy being behind the scenes of community organizations and being part of an hosting committees for events in the Town. I guess I have some pretty good organizational skills.

What are your plans for the future?

Family time. I am so blessed to have a wonderful wife, 3 awesome kids (and their families) and 6 grandchildren. Thirsty Thursday with my mom and our weekly Saturday morning breakfast with my mom and sister.

Anything else you would like to add about being a resident of Stettler?

Growing up and living in Stettler is my home. I am so lucky to be part of a team here at the Town of Stettler that can watch our community grow for generations to come. That’s very special.

Thank you to Steve Gerlitz for agreeing to be our Stettler Spotlight this week!


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