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From the owner

I started drawing up the plan for StettlerLocal.com in the Spring of 2018. Piles of notes in several folders, numerous voice memos on my phone, and many conversations with the Rairdan Services, Inc. team finally turned into a reality with this website. The goal? As with most of my projects, I wanted to provide a great community resource on an easy to navigate website. This project was built so that everything we need to enjoy life in the Stettler area could be in one place, and to make sure that we provided real value to the community. I think we accomplished this with StettlerLocal.com. 

StettlerLocal.com is what you get :

  • ​when you talk to residents about how they connect with local news now, and how they would like to connect in the future

  • when you run a small business and you understand the need for more options to market your services locally

  • you understand community news and how we consume it, how we create it and deliver it can be simple, efficient, and inexpensive

  • when you strip out all the non-personal, website automation and create a local job-for a local person 

  • when you have that local person review everything so that all the content of that website is valuable and pertinent to our community

  • when you re-engage our community with one place for them to share and find all types of relevant information

  • when you support local business with great marketing options instead of filling your website with Google and Amazon ads

  • when you reintroduce a great service to a modern, community communication tool

  • when you build something custom rather than duplicating a website that can’t accommodate our community wants and needs

  • when you're a resident of Stettler and want to serve your community, its citizens, its businesses, and showcase its vibrant, rural perspective 


StettlerLocal.com will evolve.  It will grow in the years to come but StettlerLocal.com will always be for us.

Wendy Rairdan, Owner

Our Team

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Wendy Rairdan





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Creative Director

Ed Ouellete



Bookkeeper & HR

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Lyndon Norman


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Field Reporter

Shaman Crowe


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