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About Us


Owner/Operator is a hyperlocal, online community magazine, owned and operated in Stettler. We focus 100% of our efforts on providing excellent services for the communities and residents of the County of Stettler. receives no funding support, yet still provides the following information to the residents of the Town and County of Stettler: 

  1. Stettler Community Calendar - We curate and take submissions of local events and amalgamate this into one comprehensive community calendar.

  2. Local Job Board & Volunteer Board - Opportunities within the Town & County of Stettler are managed and updated daily by our Editor. 

  3. Local Spotlights - These articles tell the stories of the people woven into the fabric of Stettler, putting faces and names together, and reminding us we are all connected and part of the community. 

  4. Town & County of Stettler Business Directory - We are proud to host the most current and comprehensive business directory within the Town & County of Stettler. Our business directory offers an online form to help businesses add their free or featured listing, update their information, or cancel their listing. We add businesses to this list regularly and are always improving this directory.

  5. Sustainable Stettler - A page dedicated to local green initiatives, Weekly Green Tips, information on where and how to recycle, yearly Eco Award winners, and Heartland Beautification events.

  6. Outdoors - A detailed directory of hikes, parks and playgrounds within the Town & County of Stettler. These listings include hours, photos, amenities, maps, and information on available activities throughout each season.

  7. Food & Drink - A space dedicated to news about Stettler's food and drinks. 'Recipes from the Past' connect us with old cookbooks and cooks from the region, news about new places to eat in the Town & County of Stettler, highlights of local dishes and drinks, articles on how to grow fruits, herbs and vegetables, and seasonal recipes from a local cook. 

  8. Arts & Culture - This page celebrates the local arts and culture within our town and county. Articles on local musical performances, plays, high school drama club, Alberta Culture Days events, Music in the Park, local exhibits, museums, and much more.

  9. Gardening in 3b - Weekly gardening advice specific to our zone through the summer and through the winter we provide advice on how to keep your house plants happy and plan your next summer garden. 

  10. Agriculture - At our core, we are an agriculture community. This space provides advice articles from a local beef consultant, articles on local agricultural events, and much more. 

  11.  Our History - We collaborate with a wonderful, local historian who shares articles and photos from the history of the town and county. 

  12. We also host seasonal information & informational web pages dedicated to:

    • Remembrance Day​

    • Annual Holiday Shopping Guide

    • Annual 'Halloween Fun List'

    • Annual Easter Egg Hunt

    • Mother's Day & Father's Day 

    • Spring Break 

    • Back to School 

    • Canada Day 

    • Annual 'Year in Picture' in January of every year

    • Annual local Alberta Culture Days events

    • Light the Night

    • Local elections gives back to the community by:

  • promoting local events at no cost.

  • publishing articles that share positive news and help us grow as a community.

  • collaborating with Heartland Beautification Committee to provide the Sustainable Stettler page on our site dedicated to informing the community on where and how to be a more green community. 

  • supporting local non-profits and service groups by:

    • providing a full directory of non-profits and service groups to help connect residents to local organizations and promote volunteerism.

    • supporting local fundraising efforts with event promotion, article submissions and coverage.

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