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#stettlersips - Jewel Theatre's ScreamChata

Updated: Jun 6 February 3, 2022

The team at the Jewel loves a good mixed drink but doesn't always have time to make drinks with lots of ingredients as all of their customers arrive at the same time; right before showtime. This means they have to get creative, it has to be really good and efficient to make it onto their menu.

When the 2022 Scream movie showed up on the schedule we added the 'ScreamChata' to the menu which is root beer over ice in a tall glass with two shots of RumChata on top. The flavour of Root Beer and the spices in the creamy Jamaican rum make this really delicious. It's simple, pretty, and so, so good!

Jewel Theatre's ScreamChata

12 oz Root Beer

2 shots of RumChata

Wendy Rairdan


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