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Big Valley Street Dance returns to large crowd (video)

Updated: Nov 18, 2021 August 29, 2021 @ 5:00 pm

The Big Valley Street Dance was held on the town’s Main Street Saturday night with locals and visitors all happy to be out for the party.

The annual event was missed last year due to COVID but according to Big Valley resident, Chantelle Janke whose husband performs in the band Six Finger Fritz, the turnout this year was incredible. Janke explained that one of the bigger changes to the event was the addition of food trucks. She noted that although there was always somebody hosting a food bar-b-que of some sort over the course of the day, this was the first time there was actual food service.

"The food trucks are new to this event." Chantelle Janke

Those in attendance were treated to performances by Six Finger Fritz, Don Johnson, and Genuine Cowgirls.

The operator of the Kettle Popcorn and Lemonade truck said they usually travel around with the rodeo circuit. She said they have had a busy season, and noted people were just happy to be out and able to do things again.

Several of the shops in Big Valley’s Jimmy Jock Boardwalk were open during the festivities including Big Valley’s Sobo’s Food Garage with a tent in front of the Boardwalk complex.

Don Johnson performed early in the afternoon, and was followed by local band, The Genuine Cowgirls. The all-woman band performed many of their own songs from their album, as well as a few covers of some of the band’s favorites. Afterwards, Six Finger Fritz took to the stage, and performed into the evening.

There were several activities for the kids earlier in the afternoon including digging for cash, and hammering competitions.

Carson Ellis, Reporter

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