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William E Hay hosts Hoodie Parade in lieu of traditional Grand March (video) June 4, 2021 @ 4:30pm

The grade 12 Grand March is a decades-old tradition that has always been a key part of the William E Hay graduation. It was choreographed in the school’s gymnasium for many years, before being moved to the arena when graduation classes became too big for the school facility. In more recent years, the ceremony returned to the gymnasium and the Grand March has continued to be the start of the ceremony.

Last year, the school was able to adapt the Grand March to an outdoor event due to COVID restrictions.

This year, another change to the tradition had the WIlliam E Hay seniors walk the track in their school hoodies while Stettler Elementary School students and William E. Hay Students cheered them on.

Led by the school's mascot, William E Hay graduates of 2021 walked onto the track at the North end, and casually strolled the loop as the elementary students cheered, and clapped, with many holding personally made signs of support.

Class president, and graduate, Hailie Ripley, remarked that although it was extremely hot, she was glad to have done it. The senior commented that she was a little disappointed in how things are these days but gives particular credit to her fellow students who she says have been incredibly resilient through all this. Ripley notes that it’s far from the traditional ceremony everyone hoped for, but she is glad they are getting something, as opposed to many city schools who are going without any formal graduation event.

“I commend the school for what they have put together.” - Hailie Ripley

Congratulations to the William E Hay Class of 2021!

Carson Ellis, Reporter


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