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We are on the verge of an agricultural crisis - Message from Damien Kurek, MP

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

From the office of Damien C. Kurek, M.P. Battle River—Crowfoot July 16, 2021 @ 10:17am published at 1:07pm

I’ve been speaking at length with many farmers and ranchers over the last couple of weeks, they agree: the extreme drought conditions are pushing farmers and ranchers to the brink. And the forecast is not good for the next two weeks.

Canada’s Conservatives are calling on Liberal Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food, Marie‑Claude Bibeau, to allow farmers to access expedited help from existing business risk management programs and to develop a plan to respond in the event of partial or total crop failure from drought. A drought of this magnitude would have a disastrous impact on Canada's supply of grain, oilseeds, pulse crops, and feed for Western beef cattle herds and greatly threaten overall food security across the country.

Please send your me the situation you’re so I can forward it to the Minister of Agriculture. She needs to know how important it is to act on this situation. Reply to this email, or send me a new one at

You can watch my live on the dire situation here:

Additionally, I am working with my provincial counterparts to ensure programs are responsive to the needs of the farmers and ranchers in Battle River—Crowfoot. We will keep you posted in developments.


Damien C. Kurek, M.P.

Battle River—Crowfoot


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