Truck involved in early morning incident

April 3, 2020 @ 11:15 AM

An abandoned truck was suspected to have been involved in a potentially dangerous path of destruction that involved at least one other vehicle and a power pole.

At approximately 8:30 am Stettler Regional Fire & Rescue was dispatched to a motor vehicle collision involving a power pole in west Stettler. The power line could be seen hanging mere feet above the ground as emergency crews and ATCO Electric worked quickly to make the scene safe.

The power pole with a street light still affixed could be observed laying on the ground and the remnants of the stop sign, and the street and avenue marker that once were mounted on the top, were strewn about the intersection.

A black pickup truck which appeared to have significant damage to the front end remained where it may have been struck as it was parked on the side of the road, and tire tracks carved into the snow covered street careened from the damaged vehicle directly toward where the power pole and stop sign would have stood previously. Remnants of both the damaged vehicle and the suspect vehicle could be seen scattered about the area.

The vehicle involved in the collision had initially fled the incident but RCMP quickly discovered another truck in a different location, only a few blocks away, that had been left abandoned. The truck had extensive damage to the front of the vehicle that seemed consistent with the previous scene but the occupant(s) did not remain with the vehicle to offer further explanation.

The intersection where the power pole was disrupted has since been cleared and a temporary stop sign remains in place, as ATCO Electric and Town Of Stettler crews work to repair the remaining damage.

The RCMP investigation into this matter is ongoing. Please contact local RCMP if you were a witness to this incident or have any information.

Photos by Shaman Crowe,

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