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Town of Stettler taking steps to update future plans for south east corner of town

April 21, 2021 @ 9:00am Stu Salkeld, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter/ECA Review published at 9:19am

Stettler's South East ASP for future growth is a plan that shows mostly country residential zoning with some country mixed business zones and town long-term residential further to the south and east. ECA Review/Submitted

Stettler town council moved ahead with plans to revise how it plans future expansion on the south east corner of town.

The decision was made at the April 6 regular meeting of council.

Councillors read a report describing the results of essentially a tender looking for proposals on the South East Area Structure Plan (ASP), part of the Intermunicipal Development Plan (IDP) which the town has in place with the County of Stettler.

The IDP is an agreement between the two municipalities on how development will proceed in the specific areas where the town and county boundaries touch.

The South East ASP is a plan for that specific area of the IDP and the current map shows mostly country residential zoning with some country mixed business zones and town long-term residential further to the south and east.

Director of Planning and Development, Leann Graham stated in her report to council the proposals had to match up against a list of requirements developed by the town and county.

Of the seven proposals received, only four exceeded the 60 per cent technical requirements threshold, while one proposal did not meet the request for proposal criteria.

The proposals and their costs included Invistec Consulting ($134,146.55), Urbanic Consultants ($55,250), Al-Terra Engineering ($69,619.72), Beairsto & Associates ($141,735.70), ISL Engineering ($179,909), V3 Companies ($170,119) and Dillon Consulting w/ MPE Engineering ($136,500).

Graham noted in her report that the last four proposals on the list met the 60 per cent threshold for technical requirements.

Under the technical requirements were listed the following: Capacity of firm, project understanding, methodology, work schedule, direct related experience with IDPs and ASPs, relevant experience and references, and lastly, project team.

“In March 2020, the town and county received the Alberta Community Partnership (ACP) grant for $200,000 under the inter-municipal component for an IDP amendment and a new South East ASP.

Both plans are considered statutory documents under the Municipal Government Act,” stated Graham in her report to council.

“In January of 2021, we distributed a request for proposal through the Alberta Purchasing Connection and received seven proposals, resulting in a thorough review and evaluation by both the town and county administrations.

“The proposal criteria included an amendment to the existing IDP followed by a new South East ASP.

The existing South East ASP is 31 years old and significantly outdated in nature.

The process of developing a new South East ASP cannot begin until the completion of an amendment to the IDP as the area is completely within the IDP boundary and includes property within both municipal jurisdictions.

“In recent years, the town and county collaborated and completed a master servicing study and a Red Willow Creek Basin study through a previous regional collaboration program grant.

With the addition of these studies, we can create comprehensive planning documents and provide a clear direction for future development.

“The South East ASP will bridge outstanding service gaps by incorporating the current documents and the growth areas identified in the Stettler town and county IDP.

This will create beneficial and methodical development.”

Graham stated the Dillon Consulting/MPE proposal met the criteria, passed the 60 per cent threshold and was the lowest priced, so the staff recommendation was to award the contract to them.

Councillors unanimously followed the recommendation.


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