1/24 Stettler Variety Showcase - Terry Barber

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

Michelle Ashley Foster and Terry Barber performed at the Stettler Variety Showcase.

With a number of opportunities to be entertained and transported to grand stages and venues from around the world, the Stettler Variety Showcase brings talent to our community many times throughout the year. And the January 19th performance by the phenomenal Terry Barber and his enchanting pianist Michelle Foster did not disappoint.

Mr. Barber’s amazing vocal range as a world-renowned countertenor brought the magic of famous Broadway Musical hits to our doorstep, and provided 90 minutes of entertainment for all ages. Performing hits from CATS, Les Misérables, Joseph and Phantom as well as an assortment of Freddy Mercury and Queen classics, and a hit by Barbara Streisand, the audience was spellbound and appreciative of his talents and vocal range.

Throughout the evening, Mr. Barber shared thoughtful and often humorous stories of his youth, his classical training, his dedication to philanthropy and the early loss of his Mother to cancer-who was his greatest fan and champion. He spoke to the importance of those with extraordinary gifts being able to utilize their talents for the betterment of others and how he has helped to facilitate these ideals. Terry Barber is now on the road with his ‘Around the World in 80 Minutes’ tour south of the border, and continues to work on his ‘Mercury’ tour, showcasing the music of Freddie Mercury.

The Stettler Variety Showcase will be bringing Maya Rae to Stettler for a performance on March 8, 2020. Tickets are available at Wish Kitchen and Gift with student pricing available.

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