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Stettler Nockbusters prepping for upcoming tournaments December 2, 2021, contributed by Haley, Braydon, and Farrah of the Wm.E.Hay Stettler Nockbusters

Hi from Haley, Farrah, and Braydon. It’s been a good month! The team is just starting to settle in, and things are going smoothly.

Recently we assigned equipment to each of the archers. Each archer is assigned a bow and a set of tournament arrows. They are required to care for their bows and to make sure to check them before each use, ensuring that there is nothing that needs to be fixed. Our tournament arrows are strictly for tournaments. We have other arrows for practices. We keep tournament arrows separate so that they are in perfect condition and won't affect our shot in tournaments. Our first tournament is our own, on February 12th from 9 am to 6 pm. We still hold the provincial title, as we didn’t have a provincial tournament last year. We will need parent volunteers to make our own tournament run smoothly. If parents can help out, we will offer training for range officials in our January practices. We are also planning to have a ‘Bring a Parent to Archey Night’, although this plan isn't set in stone, we are very much looking forward to this!

In a scoring round in NASP archery, we shoot from 10m and 15m. When we teach our new archers, we begin shooting at a distance of 10m.. Once they start to have a better understanding of how to shoot and use the bows correctly, we move to 15m. Moving to 15m can be challenging for all archers, as we have to adjust our aiming spots. From the perspective of a new archer, 10m can be challenging, let alone when you move to 15m. The biggest problem for me is finding a new spot to aim because your aiming spot at 15m is slightly different from your aiming spot at 10m.

On Nov 23rd and 26th, our team started scoring. This is not for a competition but to prepare us for tournaments and see our growth as a team. Tuesday’s practice went great. Our junior high team picked up scoring very fast and has been doing very well with it! There are five colours and ten rings on each target. The closer you are to the center, the higher the point value. Each ring has a point value from one to ten. Ten being the center, and one being the outside ring.

Everyone has hunkered down; we are ready to rock and roll, as we have now begun practicing from 15m as well as 10m. We have figured out how to score and hopefully will do well in our upcoming tournament!

Our Team is ready to KICK IT!


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