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Stettler Health Foundation Smile Cookies - Apr. 29-May 5

Updated: May 8

Support the Stettler Health Services Foundation with a Tim Hortons Smile Cookie April 29 - May 5, 2024.

Now that Spring is here it's time to look forward to Tim Hortons Smile cookies. We are fortunate that the local Stettler store has selected SHSF once again to be a recipient of the funds raised through the sale of these cookies. 100% of the sales go towards the project - a Lucas Compression system. It is a remarkable device designed to assist first responders and health care providers in administering automated chest compressions during cardiac arrest situations.

There are two systems in two ambulances - none in the Stettler ER department. When we have cardiac arrest patients arrive with compressions underway, we change staff doing compressions every two minutes. Due to the physical work of compressions, people can only do effective compressions for about two minutes. The LUCAS takes over the compressions and is very effective. It could be used in any area of the building with a cardiac event – Long Term Care, Acute Care, etc. The cost of the compression system is $16,435.


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