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Stettler Cadet Calvin Miller Soars into Summer Training

Cadet Training Alberta
Flight Sergeant Calvin Miller, of 572 Castor, Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron in Stettler, with a drone at Cold Lake Cadet Training Center, 4 Wing Cold Lake, Alta., on July 27, 2023. August 10, 2023 at 6:37 am

Submitted by Regional Cadet Support Unit (Northwest)

4 WING COLD LAKE, AB – Flight Sergeant Calvin Miller, of 572 Castor, Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron in Stettler, joined 206 other cadets for this year’s summer training at Cold Lake Cadet Training Centre.

Activities include instructional techniques, aviation communication, meteorology, aircrew survival skills, team and solo survival exercises, aircrew survival exercise operations, and navigation by map and compass.

“I enjoyed summer training mostly because I got to fly a drone. They are fun to fly and they are probably going to be the future of aviation,” said Miller. “Everybody is friendly and I get to learn more on the technical side of air cadets."

drone training in Alberta
Miller at the controls of a drone at Cold Lake Cadet Training Center.

Miller has been a part of the cadet program for four years, and had attended Cold Lake Cadet Training Centre last year on a different course.

“I can’t say there is anything that I don’t enjoy about cadets: teaching the younger, the practical, hands-on field training exercises, and the events we get to do, such as biathlon or summer training, are all great,” said Miller.

“At first, I never wanted to go to cadets, but after being there for a while I realized that I really enjoyed it. I would safely say to new cadets is, try it out, give it a week. There are experiences and friendships you will make that you can’t make if you weren’t a part of the cadet program,“ he said.

Summer training is just some of the activities available to youth at local, regional, and national levels in the Canadian Cadet Program year-round. The Canadian Cadet Program is open to all youth between the ages of 12-18 years old, and it develops confident, self-sufficient leaders who form lasting friendships and are engaged in their communities. Air cadets also learn about aviation technologies, air crew survival, and how to fly.

Adults are also needed to help train, administer, and supervise the local youth involved in the Canadian Cadet Program. Becoming part of the Canadian Cadet Program is a lot easier than you may think, it’s a lot of fun, and the skills you learn are likely transferable to your regular employment. No previous military or cadet experience is needed.

To join the fun of air cadets in Stettler, contact 572 Castor, Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron, at 587-282-8886 or

Photo Credits: Warrant Officer Corbyn George, Cadet Correspondent, Cold Lake Cadet Training Centre.


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