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Spirit's Respite Ranch Online Auction - Oct. 2023

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

Spirit's Ranch Respite Fundraiser

It’s that time of year again… Spirit’s Fall Fundraiser!

We will be hosting our Online Fundraiser on Facebook in October.

Last year saw 5 days of interactive bidding, amazing items, laughs, and incredible support from all of you! We are very excited to host this again this year - and are starting to collect donated items already.

If you have a new item, gift certificate, service or experience to donate to the auction, please send us a message on Facebook or Instagram, or text 403-741-5687. If items are local, we can pick up and photograph the item for you. If not, no worries! Send us a picture of the item, and at the time of posting in the auction we will note that it must be shipped from your location.

The last year has brought a lot of growth to the Ranch, which is fantastic - but that also means more families who need supports. Money raised here, and any other way, always goes DIRECTLY to programs for the visitors of the Ranch - regardless of age or ability.

Please help us help others in Central Alberta by sharing this info, donating or joining the fun when bidding time opens!


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