Offer to purchase downtown lot rejected, Handibus to discontinue out of town services November 17, 2020 @ 9:30pm

Town of Stettler Council met November 17, 2020 at 6:30pm at the Town of Stettler boardroom. Agenda and highlights of the meeting below.

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For the full minutes of the meeting go to the Town of Stettler website.

Delegation 1

Heartland Youth Centre Delegation Winnie Bissett, Dakota Derr and Amanda Churchill.

Winnie Bissett read a piece from a Calgary news organization stating that "20% of Alberta's non-profits may have to close their doors due to the oil slump and COVID-19 in 2021". Bissett also reports that one good thing about this tough year is that the community understands the need for more volunteers. Dakota Derr spoke to her experience at the Heartland Youth Centre. The Town of Stettler funding for the Heartland Youth Centre was unanimously approved for the next year.

Delegation 2

A Delegation from the Stettler Handibus included Cindy MacDonell and Judy McKnight.

MacDonell reported the van is for sale as of January 1st as the out of town service has had to be discontinued. The savings from operating this service will be focused on the local "big bus" operations. MacDonell stated that the average loss of every out of town trip was an average of $100. The majority of riders can't afford the roundtrip out of town much less an increase in cost to sustain the service. Handibus staff is meeting with Superfluity at the end of the month to discuss possible funding and reports not knowing if there will be any funding from the County of Stettler this year. A new bus was leased in the Spring and the money raised to purchase a new bus is being saved in a GIC and is being used for the new bus lease payments. There were 6,811 riders on the Handibus in 2019. Council voted unanimously to approve $25,000 to the continued operations of the Stettler & District Handibus and this is the same funding provided the last three years.

Reallocation of Staff Christmas Party Budget

CAO, Greg Switenky stated the town staff had brought forward the idea that with the inability to have a Christmas Party the budget for that event could be reallocated as a donation to the Stettler Festival of Lights. A motion was made by Councillor Campbell and it was carried unanimously.

Offer to purchase town lot

Sam Sharp offered the Town of Stettler $300.00 for lot 5013-50 Avenue Lot 32, Block 7, Plan 6217AH. Assessed Value of the property is $70,230.00. Council rejected the offer unanimously.

Staff Recognition

Historical Background: As an important aspect of overall Human Resources Strategy, Council has considered an annual recognition for all Town Staff over the past number of years, as follows:

  • 2010 - $250 in local Heart of Alberta Dollars

  • 2011 - $300 in local Heart of Alberta Dollars

  • 2012 - $300 in local Heart of Alberta Dollars

  • 2013 - $325 in local Heart of Alberta Dollars

  • 2014 - $325 in local Heart of Alberta Dollars

  • 2015 - $325 in local Heart of Alberta Dollars

  • 2016 - $325 in local Heart of Alberta Dollars

  • 2017 - $325 in local Heart of Alberta Dollars

  • 2018 - $350 in local Heart of Alberta Dollars

  • 2019 - $350 in local Heart of Alberta Dollars

See Agenda for details on the following:

  • Business license fees stays the same for another year

  • Cat and Dog license fees will stay the same for another year

  • Expense Statement

  • Capital Summary

  • Bank Reconciliation as of October 31, 2020

  • Tax Receivable

  • CAO Report

  • COVID-19 Review

  • Cheque Distribution

  • Accounts Payable

Upcoming Meeting schedule:

Tuesday, December 1 – Council – 6:30pm

Monday, December 7 – Regional Water Meeting

Tuesday, December 8 – 2021 Interim Budget Deliberations –3:30pm

Tuesday, December 8 – COW – 4:30pm

Tuesday, December 15 – Council (2021 Interim OperatingBudget) – 6:30pm

Tuesday, January 5 – Council – 6:30pm

Monday, January 11 – 2021 Strategic Planning Workshop –3pm

Tuesday, January 12 – COW – 4:30pm

Tuesday, January 19 – Council – 6:30pm

Monday, January 25 – 2021 Capital Budget Deliberation

Councillors Meeting Reports

  • FCSS elections & budget

  • Museum Meeting

  • Bring in a facilitator for the museum for Strategic Planning

  • Beautification meeting elections

  • Library budget

  • Board of Trade Meeting

  • Parkland Regional Library

  • Hospital Foundation Meeting

  • Committee of the Whole

  • No Stone Left Alone

  • Stettler Community Builders Committee

  • Remembrance Day Ceremony

  • Mayor - Talk of the Town

  • Mayor - Stampede Committee & Budget Review

Bylaw 2135-20 - 2021 Business Tax Levy

....AND WHEREAS the Town of Stettler having passed Bylaw No. 1783-97 to assess certain businesses within the Town of Stettler; AND WHEREAS the Town of Stettler wishes to fix the 2021 Business Tax Mill Rate for the purposes of levying a Business Tax in 2021; NOW THEREFORE the Municipal Council of the Town of Stettler, duly assembled, enacts as follows:

1. That the tax rate for Business Tax in the Town of Stettler shall be fifteen (15.0) mills on the business assessment for the taxation year 2021.

2. That the Assistant CAO of the Town of Stettler is hereby authorized and empowered to levy and collect the rate herein affixed in accordance with the Municipal Government Act, RSA 2000, Chapter M-26 as amended, or repealed and replaced from time to time.

3. The 2021 Business Tax Levy is for ordinary Municipal expenditures.

4. This bylaw shall come into force and effect on the date of final passing thereof

The next Town of Stettler meeting is scheduled for December 1st and the community is invited to attend.