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No Stone Left Alone Ceremony on Nov 8, 2021 November 9, 2021 @9:35pm

Carol Nixon of the Rotary Club of Stettler is the organizer of the ‘No Stone Left Alone’ event in

Stettler and her group took over the running of the event from the Frontenac IODE last year. She has worked for many years with the prior organizer Peggy Duncan to get everything just right. The theme of the day was; As we remember during the week of November 11, we should not forget the sacrifices made by the soldiers who leave Canada to fight each day.

The Rotary club placed over one hundred twenty-five crosses on veterans graves in the Lakeview Cemetary at the south end of Stettler for the event this year. Some of the graves are unmarked except for the white cross placed there by the volunteers.

“It’s more to educate the young than anything.” Carol Nixon.

She mentions that past events worked in partnership with Stettler area schools to educate current generations on the sacrifices made by Canada’s veterans. Many schoolchildren now have no direct connection to previous wars, so it is essential to teach them about remembrance. The current health situation has made it impossible to work inside the schools, but Carol hopes this will change post-pandemic.

Brad Snodgrass, President of the Stettler Rotary Club, was the master of ceremonies and said: “May we continue to learn from the past, to brighten our future.”

This year’s event was held in beautiful sunny weather, changing from last year’s twenty below. The turnout was excellent, and many community leaders were able to attend. These included Stettler Mayor Sean Nolls, County of Stettler Reeve Larry Clarke, and Battle River-Crowfoot Member of Parliament, Damien Kurek. Katie Bainbridge delivered greetings from Member of the Legislative Assembly Nate Horner, who was unable to attend.

The program for the day included greetings from the dignitaries, O Canada led by Malcolm Fischer, poems by Branson and Lee Chapman, a Prayer of remembrance by Pastor Ross Helgeson, Raising of the Flag, One minute of silence, and The Last Post on the trumpet, played by Ethan Rahn.

At the closing of the ceremonies, wreaths were lain by Corporal Dane Graham and MP Damien Kurek.

Jimilee Ayotte, Editor


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