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New staff to allow for enhanced services for those students that need supports (video)

Clearview Public School Communication June 3, 2021 @ 6:19pm published at 8:10pm

Clearview ensures our students have direct access to speech language and occupational therapy supports!

Starting in the 2020-21 school year, the Board of Trustees approved two additional staffing positions to ensure supports are in place for students that need speech language services and occupational therapist supports. After significant consultations with school principals during the spring of 2020, and following the dissolving of the regional support model by the Alberta Government that previously provided similar supports, Clearview showed strong leadership and a proactive approach to make sure our students continued to receive the supports they need to be the best learners possible.

Thank you to both Jennifer Brown (Speech Language Pathologist) and Alana Ell (Occupational Therapist) for choosing Clearview Public Schools, and for your work in ensuring the professional supports are available so students can be the best versions of themselves!

The Board of Trustees for 2021-22 went further in ensuring these services continue, including increasing our Occupational Therapist to a full-time from a part-time position for 2021-22.

To see a video of our staff sharing their experiences this year and their commitment to ensuring all our students are succeeding, click HERE.

Through conversations with multiple stakeholders and leaders, a new model for services emerged during the strategic planning in the spring of 2020 that saw Clearview hiring staff to provide must-needed student supports instead of relying on Alberta Health, consultants, or outside agencies. This will allow effective planning for where the supports are most needed and more control for how those supports will be provided, representing an increased effective use of tight budget resources and better services to students.

“We are grateful to the Board of Trustees for understanding the importance of having these professionals in our school division so that our students and families don’t have to make trips outside of our area, or be on long wait lists to get these much needed services. Jen and Alana are part of Clearview’s inclusive team model involving classroom teachers, parents, EAs and principals to collectively design treatment plans that address each child’s unique needs. We know that if children get early intervention with timely and targeted support, it can change a child’s developmental path in the future. Having these professionals as part of our education team means we can provide even more services to your student’s learning team. “ Superintendent Brenda MacDonald

Clearview Public Schools commitment ensures that all students succeed in a learning environment we all belong in.


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