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Longtime Stettler resident opens Stettler Medi-Aesthetics July 19, 2021 @ 10:48am

Alicia Teasdale, Owner

Alicia Kneeland-Teasdale, and husband David Teasdale, mark the grand opening of her new business, Stettler Medi-Aesthetics, on July 17th with a free bbq.

The long-time school teacher says she has been planning this business for about five years.

Teasdale started looking into ‘fine-line’ tattooing for covering scars and stretch marks, and she was fascinated by the variety of treatments that are out there for people.

“Once I started looking into that, I started seeing there were a whole bunch of ways to treat the things I wanted to treat.” Alicia Kneeland-Teasdale

She realized that Stettler didn’t have a lot of the services she was learning about, and felt that there was a real opportunity to bring them to the community.

Medi-Aesthetics has a laser room with a machine that can do permanent hair removal, skin resurfacing where she can remove birthmarks, skin spots, stretch marks, and other skin blemishes.

There is also a machine designed for body sculpting that can melt fat subcutaneously and is then processed safely by the body. While the number of treatments required for the lazer services can vary, body sculpting is several treatments and would be a part of a lifestyle change. It is not a quick fix.

Teasdale says they always have a consultation with new customers to see what the customer wants, and find the best way to help them achieve their goals.

Another room has radio frequency treatment equipment, and high frequency equipment. The high frequency machine is able to break up the skin problems associated with active acne.

“We’re that sort of Niche area between aesthetics, and surgery.” Alicia Kneeland-Teasdale

There are 2 large, massaging, pedicure chairs with foot sinks. A specialty treatment that Medi-Aesthetics will provide will be those services focused on seniors’ foot and leg care. They have an on-staff LPN that can deal with various foot problems.

Teasdale was able to do a lot of her courses online during COVID and spent a week in Regina for a portion of the course. She says she was the first student to get 100% on the practical, and 96% on her theory.

Teasdale wants to assure people that she will continue teaching hair care, coloring, cutting, as well as basic aesthetics as per the school’s curriculum when school starts back again. Both jobs she enjoys, and looks forward to getting back to normal.

Stettler Medi-Aesthetics is on Main Street.

Carson Ellis, Reporter


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