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Local Spotlight on Angela Keibel May 17, 2022 @ 3:30pm

Where are you from? Where did you grow up?

Born and raised in Endiang, now living in Drumheller and Stettler.

Why do you (did you) choose Stettler as home?

I graduated in Stettler and my mom still lives here. I live and work here during the week and go to Drumheller on the weekends.

What do you do? What is your full title?

I work as Program Support for MH Enterprises. My job is very rewarding. We provide employment services in Drumheller, Stettler, Three Hills and Trochu, and within an hour of each service location. We help our clients connect to meaningful employment, offer career testing tools to determine what you're best suited for, can provide training supports and help address any barriers to employment. We offer support services to small business owners as well, such as wage subsidies and conflict resolution. Visit for more information about how we can help our potential clients.


MacEwan University - Executive Leadership in the Non-profit Sector post degree certification. Have done board development, HR training, Finance Action Group, Leadership training, Accounting software training.


Married to Warren Nicholls. No kids, just a handsome cat named Dax.

Who inspired you in your youth? My mom inspired me and still does to this day.

Who inspires you now?

I'm inspired by the incredible team I work with at MH Enterprises. Their focus on providing individualized services to clients to help them achieve success in life and in work is wonderful to be a part of.

Do you have any hobbies?

I sing, do community theatre, crochet, and love to read, play cards and games.

What are your plans for the future?

I'm pretty happy with my life at the moment, and am too busy living it to think too much ahead, however I always look forward to travelling.

Anything else you would like to add about being a resident of Stettler County?

I really enjoy living in Stettler - it has an amazing downtown and a broad range of services available to residents. Wonderful volunteer opportunities too. After having been away for a few years, it is nice to be back!

Thank you to Angela Keibel for participating in our Local Spotlights.


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