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Jasper Tate teaches sculpture for Alberta Culture Days

Stettler Public Library welcomed local artist Jasper Tate for a sculpture workshop on Wednesday, September 16 at 6:30 pm.

Tate began by discussing the different types of clay he brought, one white and one in a variety pack of colours. He also passed out tools for sculpting and demonstrated how to use them using his unique sense of humour and entertaining everyone present.

Ten participants, ranging in age from elementary students to seniors, chatted and sculpted the evening away. Tate has a natural way of putting everyone at ease with his wit and pop culture knowledge, and was happy to help explain, for example, what sorts of eyes might look best on a sculpted creature.  It was easy to forget, talking to him, that he is only in grade eight!

Tate promises next time to show us how to make the texture of furry woodland creatures, like his mouse seen below in white clay.

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