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East Stettler rollover involving animal trailer February 24, 2021

Shortly before 3 pm on Tuesday, February 23rd, 2020, Stettler Regional Fire & Rescue and Stettler RCMP were dispatched to the train crossing near 50th Street and 49th Avenue, in Stettler, Alberta to a report of a rollover involving an animal trailer.

The initial call indicated that the trailer was positioned on the railway crossing blocking northbound traffic and there was debris scattered about the scene and hydraulic fluid was leaking from the trailer.

Soon after the driver of the vehicle involved called dispatch to verify that he had turned the corner and the trailer had made contact with the curb, which in turn caused the trailer to overturn, leaving the truck upright.

On scene responders attended to a piece of livestock equipment with its wheels skyward upon the track blocking traffic in a northerly direction. Firefighters controlled the flow of traffic using the southbound lane to alternate commuters to allow for continued travel through the area.

Firefighters offloaded livestock panels from the trailer and cleared away debris in anticipation of the tow truck operator, while RCMP spoke with the individual involved and coordinated with other on scene first responders.

Once the tow truck arrived it was discovered that the machinery was not able to be uprighted by simply pulling it over and a call was made for a larger truck to attend.

Upon the second truck arriving on scene, the equipment was lifted and moved to a safe staging area in the parking lot area of the nearby car wash to complete the process of placing the trailer on its wheels once again.

Shortly after 4 pm the area was clear and traffic was able to resume as normal.

No one was injured in the incident and no further details were available at the time of this report.


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