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Digging into Your Roots at the Stettler Public Library November 26, 2021 Submitted by Crystal Friars, Stettler Public Library

Family is always at the top of our minds, and sometimes our minds want to dig a little deeper into our family’s past. The Stettler Public Library can help you with that. Besides books such as local histories and how-to genealogy books, the Stettler Public Library can provide you access to two databases: Ancestry Library Edition and, now, FamilySearch.

Both of these databases are only accessible through the computers of the Stettler Public Library. Still, they provide tens of thousands of pieces of information to help you with your genealogical research. Search census and immigration records, birth and death records, military records, and so much more.

The pandemic has closed down many of the Family Research Centres run by the LDS Church, which cuts the access to FamilySearch. Now, the Stettler Public Library is proud to announce that we are a designated FamilySearch center, and you can now access all that wonderful information at your local library.

FamilySearch is a free online database that anyone can access from home. However, there are some records that can only be accessed from within an affiliate of the FamilySearch’s research and library system. The Library is now part of that system, meaning that you don’t have to travel to Red Deer to access this important genealogical research. The account that you created at home with FamilySearch will now access more information at your public library.

What if you don’t know how to start your genealogy research. Or you have hit a brick wall in your research, and you don’t know how to climb over it. The wonderful people of the Stettler Genealogy Club can help you find your way. For more information about the Stettler Genealogy Club, you can contact Dave Guba at 403-742-8369 for more information or for genealogy help.

For more information on Ancestry Library Edition, FamilySearch or our genealogy collection, call the Library at 403-742-2292

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