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Diane Bernes wins 50/50 from Rotary Club & Kinsmen Fundraiser for Crisis Aid July 12, 2021 @ 1:50pm

Brad Snodgrass presents Diane Bernes with winnings

Local resident Diane Bernes was at the Rotary Club of Stettler’s weekly meeting today to accept a cheque for $4,795 from the Kinsmen/Rotary Crisis Aid 50/50 draw.

Bernes was stunned when she received the phone call from Rotary informing her of her win. She says after being told she had won found it rather difficult to focus on the rest of her day.

The long-time local says she has never won that kind of money in her entire life.

Bernes says she likes to help groups like Rotary, and was happy to buy the ticket, and had actually forgotten all about the draw when they called.

When asked if she had any plans Bernes says she’s been thinking on what to do with it, and has decided to split it up between responsible money, and fun money. She also notes she will be giving $100 to each of her kids.

By the end of the fundraiser collaboration between the Stettler Kinsmen and The Stettler Rotary Club , the two clubs had raised almost $10,000 with half going to Crisis Aid, a little over four thousand dollars to the winner, and a little over one thousand dollars going to each participating club. Both clubs are interested in the idea of turning the joint fundraiser into a yearly event, with Kinsmen hoping to sell more tickets than Rotary, who had the highest ticket sales this year.

Bernes has already said she will be buying tickets again if they hold the event next year.

Carson Ellis, Reporter

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