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Crime Prevention Tips - Dec 29

Crime Prevention Tips

New Year's is the traditional time of year to make resolutions about health and other personal goals.

But what about resolutions to prevent crime in your home and neighbourhood? Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

I resolve to:

  • lock my car doors, and put belongings out of sight every time I park my car.

  • close my garage door at all times when not in use, even if I am working out in my yard or leaving the area for a short time.

  • trim trees and shrubs around my home so doors and windows are visible to neighbors from the street.

  • ask for valid ID or credentials before letting anyone in my home I don’t know.

  • watch out for my neighbor’s house and property when they are away. If I see suspicious activity, I will notify the police.

  • work together with my neighbors and law enforcement by being watchful to prevent crime in my neighborhood. Join or start a Neighborhood Watch group.


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