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Central Alberta Pregnancy Care Centre provides support in Stettler March 9, 2022 @ 1:30pm

The Central Alberta Pregnancy Care Centre in Stettler is a Sattelite of the Red Deer office. Their primary mandate is support and education for those experiencing unexpected pregnancies. Their goal is to support clients to make well-informed decisions regarding their future, which they are comfortable with and can live with going forward.

CAPCC is in the process of finding a permanent Director for Stettler, Interim Director Jenessa McAuley says that they’re ‘Helping women and families, and also men’ in a safe, non-judgemental space. No matter the client's decision, there are supports available to them through the new physical location in downtown Stettler.

They customize their programming to their client, treating people as individuals. In addition, they have several other programs available, including a Steps to Sexual health program geared towards healing and healthy relationships and a male mentorship program.

CAPCC do their best not to overlap with other prenatal or parenting programs in the area while tailoring their programming to the needs of their clients, who may be facing a very different journey in life.

All programming and pregnancy testing are free, as the CAPCC is supported by fundraising and donors. Upcoming is a Dessert Night fundraiser on April 21 with a silent auction at the Stettler Rec Center.

Jimilee Ayotte, Editor


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