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Animal Haven Rescue League Bound By Love Fundraiser October 5, 2021 @ 8:45am

Photo Contributed by Animal Haven Rescue League

Lylas McKnight, the fundraising coordinator for Animal Haven Rescue League, says she was looking for different fundraising ideas for the organization when she became inspired by the concept of the 'love lock' bridges found in many cities in Europe. Lylas adapted the idea into a fundraiser using locks to remember passed pets to help the current animals in their care.

The 'Bound by Love' Fundraiser involves purchasing an engraved tag and cord for $20 that can be attached to the Rainbow Bridge Memorial Arch in West Stettler Park. The Town of Stettler is allowing Animal Haven the space for the arch, and Lylas says that there are plans to have a garden bridge made. The organization has reached out to local construction companies for help building this part of this expansion plan. The town is also building a garden nearby that AHRL has hopes of connecting to their memorial archway.

Like many other non-profit organizations, fundraising for AHRL has been very difficult during COVID, but notes, "Pets have been important in dealing with COVID," says Lylas.

Animal Haven also has plans to allow donors to purchase the tags and gift them to friends or family to remember their beloved pets who have passed on.

Animal Haven would like to thank the Town of Stettler for granting them the spot in West Stettler Park to erect the arch, Gwen Robinson of Town Trophy and Gifts for the tags, and for the continued support of the rescue. To all of their supporters, they offer thanks and condolences on the loss of your companions.

Anyone wishing to purchase a tag for the memorial can contact Animal Haven Rescue League at

Jimilee Ayotte, Editor


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