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Stettler spirit rides again (video)

A small group of horse enthusiasts braved a forecast storm to bring some joy to local seniors facilities on Sunday, July 12th at approximately 2 pm.

As ominous weather threatened the horizon and the occasional drop of rain fell from the sky, a few local residents saddled up or hooked up horses to wagons for a short ride through Stettler. Participants started in the parking lot directly south of Points West and then slowly made their way to the seniors homes near the hospital.

Along the way cars and trucks parked in various vantage points occupied by spectators anxiously waiting for the cavalcade to pass so they might catch a glimpse of it.

Plenty of seniors greeted them as they arrived and watched intently as the horses went by, waving at those on board.

Just as they prepared to continue on, the forecast rain began to fall.

In a deviation from previous occasions, the group travelled to Paragon Place in what had by then become a heavy downpour.

The team stopped on the street outside the residence, hats dripping with water and slickers drenched, to wave and let the seniors get a good view of the steeds. It was apparent just how much the seniors living there enjoyed the simple gesture as they packed the foyer area outside of the facility and braved the inclement weather or looked out through the windows.

Leaving, the rain continued as the group weaved their way through the residential streets on their way to the starting area. Anyone who happened to be looking out their window were likely surprised to see them as they galloped by in an attempt to minimize the time spent under the weather.

Not unlike the cowboys of old without the liberty of shelter on a cold rainy night, these Stettler spirit builders braved the weather for the smiles and waves of a few thankful people whose rainy day was made that much better by a surprise visit.

July 14, 2020 @ 2:20 PM


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