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Stettler's 2024 Capital Budget Approved

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Major projects include roadway reconstruction, sidewalk improvements, and more. on February 12, 2024 at 7:19 pm

Town of Stettler Media Release

On February 6, 2024, the Town of Stettler Council approved the 2024 Capital Budget in the amount of $5,194,935.

The budget was introduced to Council at the Capital Budget Deliberation Session on January 23rd, where Department Heads from Operational Services, Parks & Leisure Services, Planning & Development, Administration, and the Stettler Regional Fire Department presented their proposed expenditures.

Major projects outlined in the budget include the construction of a sidewalk along Spruce Drive from Highway 56 to 61st Street, a new parking lot at the Health Unit, pathway development surrounding Homesteaders’ Park, and replacement of the Public Works Cold Storage Shed with a heated workspace.

The maintenance of key infrastructure remains a priority, with funds allocated for general sidewalk replacement and pavement patching, repaving the watermain trench excavation on 50 Avenue from 43-46 Street construction, partial watermain cast iron replacement on 47th Avenue from 46th to 48th Street, and planning for upgrades to the Lift Station.

The Town of Stettler utilizes federal and provincial grants such as the Local Government Fiscal Framework and the Canada Community Building Fund for most large transportation and utility projects.

“The Town’s Administration has come through with an amazing budget that addresses our infrastructure requirements while still saving for crucial future projects," says Mayor Sean Nolls. "Their ability to address emergent needs and pinpoint the needs of our future never ceases to amaze myself and Council. Our new CAO and incoming Assistant CAO have made a seamless transition throughout this process.

"Although our infrastructure needs are not always the most ‘fun’ and ‘exciting,’ they must

always remain our priority as they keep our community thriving.”

The approval of the Capital Budget follows the adoption of the 2024 Interim Operating Budget on December 19, 2023. In accordance with the Municipal Government Act, the Capital Budget includes a five (5) year budget forecast, projecting into 2028.

The 2024 Capital Budget can be viewed in full at


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