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Stettler Public Library hosts 'Rush and Roar!' travelling art exhibit September 2, 20201 @ 5:30 pm

The Stettler Public Library kicked off Alberta Culture Days with The Rush and Roar exhibit that runs from September 2nd to the 29th.

The art exhibit is a traveling exhibit from the Art Gallery of Alberta and depicts the various changes in society, technology and the economy starting in the ‘roaring twenties’ and up to our world today.

The traveling exhibit is one of three temporary exhibitions that the Library brings in each year.

“People can slow down and think about art.” - Rhonda O’Neill

Stettler Public Library Manager, Rhonda O’Neill says they were able to pick from a list of exhibits made available to organizations. She says the 'Rush and Roar!' exhibit was a matter of good timing as she and her staff had been discussing the 1920s.

There are 4 areas of the library that have pieces of the exhibit on display:

  • The main display is near the entryway between the fireplace and the 3D printer

  • In the annex

  • At the far end of the offices

  • In the back corner near a seating area

The mediums on display range in variety and include photos of major events, artistic photographs and silkscreened images.

Carson Ellis, Reporter


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