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Stettler Kinettes practice KINdness Febraury 28, 2021

Kin Canada has a long-standing tradition of marking the club’s founding (February 20,1920) with nation-wide acts of KINdness.

In the past, the local Kinettes have packed groceries and run bingo games at local senior centers as well as numerous other acts of KINdness in the community. The club was determined not to let restricted gatherings stop them from participating this year.

The 19 members of the club each picked a day and performed an act of generosity on their day. Kinds acts ranged from one member writing inspirational words on the West Stettler Walking paths, to a member buying donuts and coffee for the local ambulance staff, while one member purchased groceries for those in need. One Kinette even donated dog food and dog treats to Saving Grace Animal Rescue in Alix.

The club kept track of everything on a calendar, and the posts on the club’s Facebook, were well received by the community.

Derr, who brought donuts to the ambulance, said she especially enjoyed being a part of it this year.

“It was nice giving someone something to smile about”. Tanya Derr, Kinette Club President

The club has managed to weather COVID and even gained new members. Some of whom took part in the club’s KINdness efforts.

If you would like to join the club, or purchase tickets, you can contact Tanya, the club or any member of Kinettes for more information.

Carson Ellis, Reporter


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