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Points West Living Stettler is COVID free

Updated: Sep 11, 2021 January 22, 2021 @11:17am

Residents and staff at Points West Living Stettler recently celebrated the occasion of defeating COVID after a challenging period.

Carol Dyck, General Manager, Points West Living, spoke to us about the outbreak, how they prevented it from spreading, the support they had to get through it and the celebration of defeating it in the facility.

“There was one staff that was experiencing symptoms and she tested positive. They checked the area that she worked in and all staff and residents that she had contact with. Three staff and five residents tested positive. We immediately started isolating everyone and wearing full PPE. The virus did not spread beyond that, and we were fortunate. It was a lot of extra work for everyone and hard for residents as they’re stuck in their room.” - Carol Dyck, General Manager, Points West Living

Kevin Pike of Sunset Cleaners, came and sprayed and cleaned everything with his special cleaner throughout the process to help prevent the spread. Three staff came to work after they quarantined and fully recovered from the virus. Sadly though, two residents that had the virus and existing underlying conditions passed away. That is why AHS is focusing on vaccinating residents in care homes as 66% of the deaths have been in long-term care facilities or supportive/home living sites.

“The good news is that staff started getting the first round of the Pfizer vaccine on December 23 and received the second round last week. I had my second vaccination last week as well. Residents received their first Moderna vaccination on January 8 and are scheduled to receive their second round February 3.” - Carol Dyck, General Manager, Points West Living

Residents received the Moderna vaccine as it does not require the same cooling temperature as the Pfizer vaccine making it possible to effectively store more of the vaccine. Over 90% of the residents and approximately 80% of staff have been vaccinated to date.

“AHS has been very helpful, very kind and gentle with the vaccinations. Sue Stratulate and her team from Public Health came over to do the vaccinations. It has been a team effort since the pandemic started, and Simon Sia, Home Care Manager, Stettler, has been very helpful including assisting us with supplying extra PPE.” - Carol Dyck, General Manager, Points West Living

Heritage House residents and many staff have been vaccinated including local physicians that work in the care facilities. Dyck indicated that once they’re up and running, we should be able to get all of them done. The firemen and paramedics hope to be vaccinated next.

To celebrate defeating the virus in the facility, Dyck thought it would be a treat for the residents to enjoy Dairy Queen (DQ) treats. She called DQ to ask for a quote on mini blizzards, noting that she didn’t want to spend a lot of money but they wanted to celebrate. Steven Moon, DQ Owner, said that they support the community and with no local sports or events in the past year, that he would be pleased to donate the mini blizzards for residents and staff. The treats brought much joy to many and was a fitting way to celebrate a COVID-free facility.

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Jody Craig, Reporter


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