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Light the Night at the Stettler Museum 2021 was a shining success January 6, 2022

This year, the Stettler Town and Country Museum’s annual “Light the Night” was able to run for 9 of the scheduled nights, with 925 vehicles coming through to view the displays. This number was very on par with previous years, with approximately 100 cars visiting on any given night.

A couple of days, the event was unable to run due to extreme cold weather and wind chills. Each night of the event, it takes volunteers approximately 15 to 30 minutes to turn on the lights, and that time is extended if snow removal is required. To staff the ‘Light the Night’ displays takes about five volunteers each night, including the wagon driver and person from Animal Haven Rescue handling the Gingerbread House display.

This year’s event was a successful fundraiser for the Museum, raising over ten thousand dollars towards museum upkeep.

Karen Wahlund, museum manager, says, “Thank you to the businesses and people who did the displays this year; without you, this would not be possible.” Karen also mentioned that she is taking applications for next season’s Light the Night display and that anyone, business or family, can take part. Contact the Museum for more information.

This year’s Light the Night “People’s Choice” vote winner was The County of Stettler, with their massive display dedicated to John McArthur.

The Gingerbread house vote winner was Mara (Reagan)

Jimilee Ayotte, Editor


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