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JWT Roping Fundraiser raises money for Alberta Ronald McDonald House

Jamie and Neil Thorsteinson

On July 25th, over four hundred ropers arrived at Stettler’s Agriculture Grounds to compete and support a great cause as the Thorsteinson family held their 2nd annual JWT Team Roping Fundraiser to help support Ronald McDonald House.

After speaking with the event organizer, Neil Thorsteinson, the event turnout was better than anticipated. Prior to the event, it was unknown if the fundraiser would even take place due to COVID-19. Fortunately, the weather was great and roping was able to take place outside making social distancing easier. Thorsteinson also commented that due to limited rodeo events taking place over the summer, competitors were eager to get back into the sport.

Out of the pool with 178 teams, Melissa Reinhardt and Tyce Helmig were the winners; the second pool of 282 contestants was won by Jessica Gunsch and Jackson Braithwaite.

The event raised $17,500 and all proceeds will go to Alberta's Ronald McDonald House.

“People in our community were so giving with donations, especially to an organization like Ronald McDonald House, where plenty of people have had an emotional connection with it”. - Neil Thorsteinson

Jace Thorsteinson commented on why fundraising is so important to him, “The Ronald McDonald House gave so much to my family when I was in the hospital; so we wanted to give something back to them. It will end up going to another family like mine and I understand how much it will mean to them.”

The Thorsteinson family has decided that next year's JWT Team Roping Fundraiser will support STARS; the emergency air rescue service.

Riley Turre, Youth Reporter

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