Jewel Theatre gets new owners

Local family Bryan, Wendy and Asa Rairdan are the new owners of the historic Jewel Theatre. Wendy Rairdan owns local marketing agency, Rairdan Services, Inc. and her company will operate the theatre.

Bryan, Asa and Wendy Rairdan

The Jewel Theatre was owned by Landmark Cinemas for 40 years then sold to local resident Byron Geddes in 2014.

"My family, and my team, are thrilled to be the new caretakers of the Jewel. It holds a special place in the heart of local residents and we can't wait to show everyone what the Jewel will be bringing to the community in the new year. We would like to thank Byron Geddes for his hard work over the last six years and for helping us make this a good transition." said Rairdan.

Rairdan is happy to report that long-time Jewel Theatre Manager, Rose Chapman, will be staying on at the theatre.

Rairdan states that renovations to the theatre will start January 4th with the first order of business being the addition of a handicap accessible washroom then an update to the lobby and box office, a remodel of the manager's office, upgrades to electrical panels, sewer line replacements and some work to be done in the theatre.

“The Jewel is a cornerstone of our community and we have developed a good, long-term plan to see it continue to serve the community. It was built in 1952, and the structure and foundation are solid but there is still a lot of work that needs to be done to ensure this historic building and business keep going for the next generation. Being shut down for COVID makes this the best time to do these renovations.” Wendy Rairdan, Rairdan Services, Inc.

Rairdan reports that popcorn will still be sold through renovations but that the public will not be allowed past the box office entrance until they are open again which is tentatively set for April 1st.

“We would like to open earlier than April 1st but between the renovations and COVID-19 guidelines we can’t guarantee a date yet. We want everyone to know that we are bringing in new services, new products, an entirely new show plan, new events and have lots of great surprises in store for everyone. Watch the Jewel Theatre Facebook page and website for pictures and announcements along the way.”

Jody Craig, Reporter

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