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Friday evening cavalcade delights seniors (video)

A large number of horse enthusiasts harnessed up and rode through the streets of Stettler just before 5:30 pm on June 12th, 2020. The cavalcade specifically targeted the senior’s residences and long term care homes, with a limited engagement of the Grandview area.

If you happened to be out driving in that area or outside in your yard you were treated to a wonderful sight of horses big and small, with riders to match.

From start to finish the line of horses was about two minutes in length featuring single riders and wagon teams aboard which rode eager passengers. Along the route the number of spectators was bolstered by the excellent sunny weather and a beautiful blue sky that saw a buzz of activity in town.

A favourite of the procession was the pony tractor and trailer that followed the horses through the streets, with a team leaping off with shovels in hand to collect the resulting “road apples”. At one of the seniors' homes, a resident joked with them about tossing a couple of them apples in his small garden patch of vegetables.

For those who may have missed it check out the accompanying video and pictures but fear not…

It just may be that if you are out on the streets of Stettler on Friday nights near the senior’s facilities that you may see many other events of this nature throughout the summer this year, as local residents work together to build community spirit within the town.

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