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Eat to Lower Your Risk of Diabetes

vegetables from AHS, May 29, 2023 @ 8:00 am

Diabetes is when your body cannot properly use and store the sugars broken down from food. This can lead to high blood sugar. There are many treatments available, including medication, physical activity, and healthy eating. Making healthy food and lifestyle choices may help lower your diabetes risk. It may also help you manage diabetes if you already have it.

Eat regularly to keep energized throughout the day. It can be helpful to eat earlier in the day. Eat a variety of vegetables each day. It may lower your risk of getting diabetes or heart disease. Try filling half your plate with a variety of vegetables at every meal.

  • Snack on carrots or celery sticks.

  • Use spinach as a topper on your pizza.

  • Add vegetables to your sauces. Try adding bell peppers to your marinara sauce,

  • Add zucchini strips to your pasta noodles.

  • Include at least two types of vegetables at each meal. Try a Mediterranean Salad with Cheese recipe (search on for the recipe). It is full of vegetables, fibre, protein and unsaturated fats.

  • Try eating different coloured fruits and vegetables every day.

  • Visit for more ideas.

Make water your drink of choice and limit sugar-sweetened drinks. The added sugars in drinks such as pop can add extra calories. Extra calories over time may increase risk of obesity, which can increase your risk of chronic diseases including diabetes.

  • Choose a diet or sugar-free option instead of regular pop.

  • Choose sparkling water instead of regular pop.

  • Fill a bottle with water and carry it with you so you get in the habit of choosing water to drink.

Making healthy food choices can lead to long-term health. Start with making small changes. For more tips on how to make healthy eating a habit, call Health Link at 811 to speak with a dietitian.


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