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Dugout Workshop - March 6

County of Stettler

Make the most of the water you have, and find out what you can do to prepare for the worst at the Dugout Workshop March 6 at the Stettler Community Hall from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm. Lunch will be provided.

Alberta has five stages in its Water Management Plan. Stage 1 is minor drought, and Stage 5 is a province-wide emergency. We are currently in Stage 4.

Topics Covered:

  • Common Problems

  • Dugout Design Best Practices

  • Remediation Recommendations for Specific Ponds

  • Register today and upload your photos and questions!

Tickets are $30 each. Call us to save your seat: 403-742-4441 ext. 3.

Presented by Lynne Melvin from Clean Water Pro.


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