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Donalda welcomes car enthusiasts to the Coulee

Updated: Jan 16, 2022 August 7, 2021

Donalda Show & Shine
Great turnout for the Donalda Show & Shine

The Donalda Coulee Show and Shine returned this year to the delight of the community.

Lead event organizer Heather Taylor said that the Show and Shine was considered a success in previous years but, like many events, was cancelled last year due to COVID. The event is a joint operation between Taylor who owns and operates Heather’s Yarn Haven in the former Dino’s bar, and the Donalda Community Promotion Society.

In addition to the car show, Taylor also arranged for the Battle River Quilt Guild to come out and put some of their merchandise on display.

The whole event started at 10 am and by eleven o’clock the registration desk had over 40 participants from places like Three Hills, Calgary and Red Deer, with more people coming as the day progressed.

The vehicles that were arriving were more of the classic car genre, with a fairly new Corvette and a convertible Civic mixed into the works.

Dave Wood was there with a 1956 Chevy owned by Bob Dietrich. There was also a 93 Jeep with a diesel engine out of an excavator, and someone arrived with a ride-on lawn morrower with a fake body meant to resemble an old Model T-era car.

“I’m glad I could represent the Dietrich family today.” Dave Wood

In addition to the Show and Shine and Market centered around the town’s iconic lamp, the Donalda Museum hosted Museum days. The museum treasurer says they are raising funds right now to do some repairs to the 20 year old lamp. The globe of the lamp is starting to weather, and needs to be redone with fibreglass. The problem with the restorations, is that the globe can not be removed, so the work has to be done on-site with scaffolding which adds to the overall price of the restoration.

Carson Ellis, Reporter


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