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Donalda Museum

The Donalda & District Museum is dedicated to the purpose of preservation, conservation, interpretation and exhibition of objects of educational and cultural value.

The Donalda and District Museum displays a variety of historical collections and buildings that preserves the history of the area for future generations. The historical collections include:

    • Lamp collection – over 1,100 lamps, dating from the 1600s to 1960.

    • Whitford collection – Métis artifacts from the early 20th century.

    • Local history collection – 4,000 artifacts depicting the history of the Donalda area and its residents.

The Donalda & District Museum Society manages an historic Creamery (1955), an Imperial Bank of Canada building (1928) and a Canadian Northern Railway station (1909). The Donalda & District Museum continues to add to its collections to help preserve our culture and history. A trip to the Donalda & District Museum is a chance to experience the life and times of a small rural community.

P.O. Box 179

Donalda, Alberta

T0B 1H0


Phone: (403) 883-2100


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