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Doing the best for Stettler 2020 Graduates

The concluding ceremony that high school students, family members, and teachers eagerly look forward to will not be the same for the graduating class of 2020. With the strict social guidelines in place due to the pandemic of COVID-19, the plans for grade twelve students will be greatly altered.

Grad has historically been hosted in the main gym of the high school as well as an extra viewing audience in the Performing Arts Centre, however, the location of this year’s event is yet to be determined. Wherever the site of the event, the Graduation Committee, along with the Parent Decorating Counsel, will use all their efforts to make the celebration memorable.

Traditionally the ceremony includes Grand March, Principal's message, Valedictorian speech, a tribute towards the parents, the parent’s response, obtaining of the diploma, and dances cap off the celebration. Unfortunately, Grand March and dances will not be a part of the experience this year. On the bright side, all those high school boys do not have to be seen dancing with their cool moms.

Wade Smith, President of Student Council, is the valedictorian for the graduating class of 2020; he earns the accolade and speech after many years of excellent school work. Cassidy Braun will be representing students for the parent tribute speech and her parents will be the respondents. All speeches will be recorded and put into a graduation video produced by Mr. Fleishacker, set to be released on July 27th.

Photographers will be at the celebration to capture the everlasting moments. The school is currently working with Lifetouch Photography in hopes of their participation to take the notorious Cap and Gown photos.

“We are hoping to have the grads go in groups of 50 for an aerial group photograph. We will be adhering to all AHS guidelines.” Diane Enyedy, Vice Principal

June 8th and 11th will be cap and gown photos.

Saturday, June 20th marks the date in which graduates will acquire their honorary diploma certificate and take their formal attire photos.

As time progresses and the possibility of guidelines being lightened, the school will try to make the ceremony as close to past years as possible. With a situation out of everyone's control, the school, students and parents are all working to ensure that they make the most positive experience possible for graduating students.

Congratulations to the Class of 2020!

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