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County of Stettler Water Survey - Deadline Aug. 15

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

DO YOU NEED WATER? We need to know.

If you need/want County water, and have not provided us with your data, please do so by August 15.

County of Stettler No. 6

In order for the County of Stettler to provide accurate data to apply for future grant applications, we are seeking County Ratepayers feedback on the subject of Rural Water. The County has rural waterlines, which many residents are connected to, but we know there is a need to provide more, so everyone has access to clean, safe, potable water.

We are seeking response from every property owner in our County, so your property(s) is marked as ‘counted’.

If you have previously expressed a need or interest in connecting to rural water, we ask that you please do so again through our 2023 survey, to reaffirm your interest.

If you need water, make sure you check with your neighbours, too, and encourage them to fill out the survey as well.

Please go to and fill out a short survey which outlines how you currently provide your home and operations with water, and what your interest may or may not be to connect to a rural waterline.

If you are unable to complete the survey online through our website, please contact for an emailed copy, or pick up a paper copy at the County Admin Building at 6602-44 Avenue, Stettler.

Deadline to respond to this survey is August 15.

County of Stettler Water Survey


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