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Coach Cayla Smith on the Stettler Gymnastics Club's busy winter February 7, 2022 - Submitted by Cayla Smith, Stettler Gymnastics Club

Sadie Taylor

At Stettler Gymnastics, our new session for winter 2022 has begun! It's great to see all of our returning students and some new smiling faces hit the gym floor with enthusiasm. We have students ranging from 18 months to 11 years old who participate in our twelve-week sessions offered three times per year. We’ve been fortunate not to run into any closures of our club in our fall session and hope this continues through the cold and flu season.

We are currently running our session fundraisers to raise funds to keep operating and upgrade our equipment. Miss Sadie (one of our assistants and a gymnast) spent an afternoon approaching local businesses for donations to put together Valentine's Day Gift Baskets. These gift baskets are up for raffle, at only $10/ticket! A ticket gives you a chance to win 1 of 3 baskets; drawing happens for our lucky winners on February 10th. Get your tickets now get by messaging Stettler Gymnastics on Facebook. Thank you again to the local businesses, who were friendly and able to donate.

On January 29th, ten of our gymnasts and parents went door to door with smiling faces to collect bottles. We were very successful with our bottle drive and again would like to thank the community for supporting the children.

I would also like to recognize a couple of our students whose families and themselves go above and beyond for the gym:

Nancy Warwaruk has been a gymnastics parent for a few years now with two little gymnasts. Nancy always goes the extra mile and helps in any way she can.

Sadie Taylor (10) is our top-level gymnast with great passion and drive. Sadie volunteers four afternoons a week, assisting our younger children and sharing her passion.

I would also like to highlight two students whose dedication and love of the sport shine very brightly in our club: Ellery Kiemele (4) and Brinley Smitten (6).

Thank you to all of our gymnastics families and community for supporting our club and allowing us to make our mark here in Stettler.

For more information about our classes and us, please visit our website or look us up on Facebook.

Ellery Kiemele

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