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2/6 - Clearview School Division Board Meets

Updated: Feb 9, 2020

The Clearview Public School Board met on Wednesday, February 5th for their regular meeting.  All seven trustees were in attendance along with the Superintendent and both Deputy Superintendents.  The agenda included updates on the current school year thus far, the Clearview School Calendar for the 2020-21 school year, and a delegation from the School Performing Arts/Wildcat Theatre group.  These young actors have been fundraising towards multiple upgrades within the Performing Arts Centre which would benefit not only their classes, but the community as well.  

The current climate around school division funding is cool, while the much-anticipated Provincial Budget, not set to be released until early March, brings about a looming concern.  Projected deficits and budget shortfalls have been the message from most school divisions surrounding this region and within the central Zone. As part of this process, Clearview will be meeting with MLA Nate Horner later this month in Hanna, along with other neighboring School Boards to discuss the many issues facing our rural boards and the trials of running smaller schools as our rural populations decrease and funding structures change.  

These topics and more are available through the Board Highlights published and emailed after each meeting, and are discussed openly at each school’s School Council meetings, where trustees are in attendance.  Parents are welcome and encouraged at these meetings, as are High School students, as is the mandate of the Alberta School Councils Association. For more information about Clearview School Division or any of our School Councils, see their website at .  

Chair Greg Hayden, Trustee John Schofer, Vice-Chair Guy Neitz, Trustee Ken Checkel, Trustee Kim Smyth, Trustee Becky Scott, Trustee Erika Grice

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