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Clearview's "Annual Report Card" Shows Strong Yearly Results

Clearview Public Schools February 17, 2023 @ 5:35 pm

Clearview’s Board is pleased with strong yearly results. The Annual Education Results Report (AERR) gives school boards a consistent way to measure their success and assess progress using a broad spectrum of measures. The information contained in these reports provides school authorities with a wide range of data showing how they are performing, and helps them identify areas of growth. The Board is proud to report that Clearview staff and students are being successful in many key areas. “I am proud to be a part of this community of educators,” says Scot Leys, Clearview Superintendent. “Clearview has worked hard to create success and we commend our students and staff on this great achievement.” The AERR provides information such as Clearview’s Diploma and Provincial Achievement Results from last year, literacy and numeracy data, Career Technology Studies (CTS) programming and enrolments, and budget information. Key satisfaction measures from Clearview’s 2021-22 annual report include the following:

  • 89.9% of staff, students, and parents believe that our schools are safe & caring

  • 85.5% of staff, students, and parents feel that students are engaged in their learning

  • 89.4% of staff, students and parents are satisfied with the quality of education being provided

  • 90.3% of students complete high school within five years of entering grade 10

  • 82% of parents are satisfied with the broad range of programming available

“We are very pleased with our results but also know that there are areas for improvement. We will keep this growth mindset as we move forward and determine direction for the 2023-24 school year,” says Leys. Clearview continues to strive to be an excellent learning environment for all students in the Counties of Stettler and Paintearth with plans for improvement to be reflected in the Board’s annual three-year plan, which is prepared every spring. The complete 2021-22 AERR results for Clearview can be accessed here.


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