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2/12 Stettler Board of Trade has AGM

The Stettler Board of Trade held its Annual General Meeting on February 11th at the Stettler Board of Trade.

President Dave Goodwin led the meeting while Stacey Benjamin, Executive Director of the Board of Trade, gave a report of 2019.  Benjamin reviewed the year that was highlighted by events and programs like the 39th Annual Stettler Trade Show, Shop Stettler, the Annual Awards Gala, Pheasant Festival, Destination Stettler and Taste of the Heartland. A review of bylaw changes and membership dues was conducted before the new board was chosen.

President Dave Goodwin and Vice President Justin Tanner, volunteered to stay in their current positions and the floor was opened for nominations for Directors.

Returning directors for 2020:

Dave Goodwin

Justin Tanner

Ryan McNeil

Rebecca Strauss

Kelly Hicks

Kurt Baker

Brandi Page

Terry Chesla

New Directors for 2020

Patrick Charron

Erin Wilke

Kami Ritz

Ex‐officio members:

Town of Stettler Mayor Sean Nolls, Town of Stettler Councillor Gord Lawlor, Town

of Stettler Councillor Scott Pfeiffer

Alternate: Town of Stettler Councillor Wayne Smith

Mayor Sean Nolls led the Oath of Office for all returning and new directors, signifying the beginning of another year of service to the community.

The Stettler Board of Trade is recruiting volunteers for this year’s upcoming events and programs. If you are interested in volunteering please contact Donna Morris at

  • Stettler Trade Show

  • Shop Stettler

  • Annual Business Awards Gala

  • Pheasant Festival Committee

  • Destination Stettler

  • Taste of the Heartland

  • Economic & Resiliency Recovery

The Stettler Board of Trade of Diretors is committed to encouraging and supporting businesses to be responsive to change through consultation, advice, funding opportunities, economic development and the cultivation of entrepreneurs. All businesses with a Town of Stettler business license are entitled to a Stettler Regional Board of Trade & Community Development membership free of charge. As a member you are invited to the meetings every 2nd Tuesday at noon (excluding June and July) at the Board of Trade boardroom. There are a number of benefits available for members of the Board of Trade and businesses are encouraged to view them on the website or connect with the Board of Trade directly at (403) 742-3181.

February 11, 2020

Stettler Board of Trade Directors

Photo: (L-R) Back row: Patrick Charron, Terry Chesla, Ryan McNeil, Councillor Scott Pfeiffer, Brandi Page, Mayor Sean Nolls, Kurt Baker, Kelly Hicks, Matt Dorsett (L-R) Front row: Hayley Fawcett, Communications & Office Assistant, Stacey Benjamin, Executive Director, Dave Goodwin, President, Justin Tanner, Vice President, Erin Wilkie, Kami Ritz, Donna Morris, Project Manager - Missing from Photo: Rebecca Walline, Councillor Gord Lawlor, Councillor Wayne Smith


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