2/26 Welcoming Dr. Depass to the community

Dr. Danica Depass

Central Vision and Hearing was proud and excited to hire Dr. Danica Depass in August of 2019.  As a motivated people person, Danica was thrilled to take on the challenge of moving to and serving a new community.  Her career and education has taken her all over North America, from Salt Lake City, to Nome, Alaska, but she knew she wanted to end up close to her hometown of Calgary, Alberta.

Danica did her undergrad in Biology at the University of Calgary and moved on to Forest Grove, Oregon where she completed her Doctor of Optometry.  She chose optometry at a young age, and says her inspiration came from her mom, who works in the RockyView Hospital Eye Clinic in Calgary. The effect her mother had on improving the quality of life for her patients was influential for Danica, and she now strives to do the same everyday here in Stettler.

Not many people know this about Danica, but she was once an ALL STAR hockey player.  Growing up, she always played on the boys teams because she loved the challenge and because they were better for having her.  She won’t tell you this, but she was always one of the top players on those boys teams. Eventually, at the age of 15 she moved to the girls teams and played until her Grade 12 year.  She had the option of moving on to playing college hockey, but decided her educational goals were more important. Danica misses playing, but she lives vicariously through her Calgary Flames (sorry not sorry Oilers fans).  Just remember if she puts on her skates to play some shinny against you, you have been warned.

Growing up in Calgary, she spent a lot of time in the mountains, hiking and exploring the Rockies.  This remains one of her favourite things to do in her spare time. As soon as the warmer weather hits, you’ll be able to find her hiking and camping with her fiance Nick and her mini-aussie doodle, Oakley.  Oh and her favourite food is avocados!

She has loved her time in Stettler so far, and is excited to continue her career here.  Remember to get your eyes checked at Central Visions & Hearing, and ask for Dr. Depass!