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Stettler Volunteer Appreciation event September 25, 2020 @ 2:37 PM

The delicious aroma of Bloke’s Bakery maple long johns wafted through the autumn breeze on Friday, September 25 as people gathered at a volunteer appreciation event.

The event, hosted by the Stettler Information and Referral Centre, Stettler FCSS, and in cooperation with both the Town and County of Stettler saw a small group of people gathered at the corner of 50th and 50th near the Carl Stettler monument for free beef-on-a-bun and tasty bakery treats. 

Organizer Lorraine Hankins, from the Stettler Information and Referral Centre mentioned that the event is typically held in April, to correspond with the music festival, but due to COVD-19, had been postponed until now. 

“Stettler has great, dedicated volunteers and we want to show our appreciation for all of their hard work.” Lorraine Hankins, Stettler Information and Referral Centre

Hankins explained that they were able to use funds from an enhancement grant to host the free lunch, as well as purchase items from local vendors - including a number of gift certificates - to support local businesses at the same time. The many prizes and gift cards were on display on a table in the shade of the replica cigar factory building. Attendees were invited to enter their names into the draw bin to have the opportunity to win one of the prizes. 

Thank you to all the volunteers in our area who make this a vibrant community.

B Adair, Manager/Reporter


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