Transforming Alberta’s post-secondary system

Government will review Alberta’s post-secondary education system and develop a long-term plan to enhance student experiences and connect education to jobs.

Advanced Education will engage stakeholders to co-create an innovative new strategy for Alberta’s universities, colleges, polytechnics and other adult learning providers.

Through the Alberta 2030: Transforming Post-Secondary Education initiative, government will work with a leading research and consulting firm to search for practical solutions that will ensure the adult learning system is affordable, accessible and reflective of our economy's future needs.

“Today is the beginning of an exciting and ambitious project to renew and transform post-secondary education in Alberta. As we move forward with Alberta’s economic recovery, it is essential that we double down on efforts to build a highly skilled and competitive workforce, strengthen the commercialization of research, reduce duplication and forge stronger relationships between employers and post-secondary institutions. We must do everything possible to ensure that when a student graduates from an Alberta post-secondary institution, they are equipped with the skills, knowledge and competencies they need to succeed in a future economy. In short, we must begin to train the workforce of tomorrow, today.”   Demetrios Nicolaides, Minister of Advanced Education
This announcement marks one of many important milestones for Alberta’s colleges, polytechnics, and universities. Together, Alberta’s post-secondary system offers enriching and diverse learning opportunities as well as cutting-edge research and innovation, all of which strengthen the economic, social and cultural fabric of Alberta. In collaboration with this new partner, we have an important opportunity to enhance the role of our higher education system for all Albertans as we overcome challenges and seize opportunities in building a vibrant and resilient future. Dr. Neil Fassina, chair, Council of Post-secondary Presidents of Alberta
"ASEC is excited to learn that the RFP process is completed, and that the post-secondary system review can start in earnest. Alberta's students are engaged, invested, and ready to consult with the government on the development of a modern post-secondary system for Albertans." Emmanauel Barker, director, public relations and advocacy, Alberta Students Executive Council

Alberta’s economy is facing many challenges, and post-secondary institutions must be adaptable and forward-thinking. The Alberta 2030 initiative will renew the adult learning system’s focus on providing the education, skills and training the province needs to meet labour market demands and help Albertans get back to work.

Government will collaborate with employers, industry, students, post-secondary institutions and other stakeholders to:

  • Ensure students have the skills and education to solve emerging problems and adapt to changing demands and opportunities.

  • Increase access to post-secondary education and encourage a wider range of potential learners to participate.

  • Increase the level of collaboration between institutions so that students have more options to transfer credit.

  • Forge stronger relationships between employers and post-secondary institutions to help guide educational programming and work placement opportunities.

  • Improve governance and financial sustainability for the system, and empower institutions to become more entrepreneurial and seek new sources of revenue.

Quick facts

  • Stakeholder engagement and consultation will take place in the coming months. Advanced Education has hired a leading research and consulting firm and is in the process of developing a work plan.

  • The final report is expected in late 2020.

  • The review will have four main areas of focus:

  • an assessment of global models and trends in post-secondary education

  • an assessment of Alberta’s existing post-secondary model and governance

  • an assessment of individual institutions

  • development of an implementation roadmap by early 2021.

Alberta 2030: Transforming Post-Secondary Education opportunity notice

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