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Town decides on Canada Day Celebration, reviews commercial market analysis of Stettler June 17, 2021 @ 9:45am

Town of Stettler Council meeting June 15, 2021

Town Council met for their regular public meeting on Tuesday evening. They discussed tenders for a new intersection that would connect the west end of the service road along the south side of Highway 12 to the highway, the summary of the commercial market analysis commissioned by the town, bylaw changes, and land use agreement changes for the parcel of land known as ‘Wilfort Land’.

The summary of the analytic report the town commissioned covered commercial and industrial potential for growth, as well as identifying the town’s trade area, and commercial strengths and weaknesses. The report put Stettler in a good position with varying sizes of commercial and industrial land available, and much of the land considered shovel-ready. The report suggested finding ways for businesses on the west side of town to work with the businesses on the east side to help promote people shopping in both areas. A full summary of the report can be found on the Town of Stettler’s website as well as the Board of Trade’s.

“This is fantastic. This is exactly what we needed.” - Mayor Sean Nolls on report.

Based on the uncertainty of the current COVID climate, the decision had been made not to hold a traditional Canada Day celebration this year, however, the town will be doing a fireworks display on Canada Day. A formal press release will be made next week, regarding the fireworks, where people can park to view them, and the guidelines that will be in place during the show.

Entertainment in the Park will be taking place this year, starting June 23. See full Music in the Park lineup here.

Director of Operations Melissa Robbins presented an update on the highway 12 and 80th Street Intersection. She reports that the town had originally planned on constructing an intersection with the service road and highway for 50km/h access. The Transportation Department agreed to allow the town to construct the planned intersection, but said that the project had to allow for a 70km/h access. The Transportation Department explained that they have already set out long-term plans to keep the number of intersections to the highway to a minimum, as well as ensuring development doesn’t get too close to the highway. Robbins recommended formally rejecting the current tenders, and starting the tendering process over due to the change in the scope of the project and the change in cost.

Brad Robbins from the Recreation Department addressed council recommending the town accept tenders for two new pieces of equipment for the Recreation Department. The first, a new side-by-side and the second for a three-point hitch aerator. Both winning tenders were from Future Ag. Councilor Campbell motioned for the recommendation for the ATV, and Councilor Smith motioned for the aerator, and both were carried.

CAO Greg Switenky presented the Capital Budget report, the expense/revenue report, and the CAO’s report. There was nothing of concern in either report, and all financials were in good order.

Public hearings were formally held for Bylaw 2142-21, followed by another hearing for bylaw 2143-21. There were no verbal or written submissions for either bylaw and no public questions were presented at either hearing. The meetings were adjourned by councilor Barros, and Al Campbell respectively.

Bylaw 2142-21 which is an Area Structure Plan amendment to accommodate a multi-residence development on the west side of town. Town Director of Planning and Development recommended giving the bylaw a second and third reading. The second reading was accepted by councilor Smith, and carried. Third reading was then accepted by councilor Lawlor, and carried.

Correspondence included a report on the re-opening of the library, and letters of support for the RCMP from other municipalities. The library was given formal thanks from members of council for their major contribution, and efforts for assembling the gift packs for Seniors Week.

The council again agreed to hold off on adding a letter of support at this time since it seems to be a unanimous agreement across the province not to form provincial police.

Carson Ellis, Reporter


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