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Town & county councillors host free pancake breakfast to kick off Steel Wheel Stampede

Updated: Sep 9, 2021 July 17, 2021 @ 10am

Council members of the town and county hosted a pancake breakfast at the Ag Hall this morning to kick off Steel Wheel Stampede.

Council members from both municipal offices partnered up with their counterparts, and took roles either in the kitchen making the food, or out on the floor serving at the free Pancake Breakfast.

Mayor Nolls of the town and Councillor Gendre from the county were on early morning pancake detail, with the rest of the jobs being divided amongst the rest of the members.

“We were mixing batter at 6:30 this morning.” - Town Councillor Malcolm Fisher

The three rows of tables were quickly filled up and by 8:30 there was a steady flow of people.

Some people even filled their plates, and returned to their vehicles.

It was a welcome site to see the community gathering again after COVID-19 restrictions.

Carson Ellis, Reporter


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