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Town council meeting June 1: Senior's Week, Deputy Directors of Emergency Management chosen June 2, 2021 @ 9:40

Town of Stettler Councillors met Tuesday, June 1st for their regular meeting.

Communications Officer Lara Angus spoke on the plans for Senior's Week marked by a joint proclamation between the town and county on Friday, June 4, with Senior's Week running from the 7th to the 13. In her summary, Angus reports that the Town of Stettler and the County of Stettler will be splitting the cost of the week's events.

The Stettler Public Library has been working to assemble 280 activity kits, which will be delivered to local seniors. Angus explained that among the items in the kits, includes artwork from local children and other gifts from the youth of the district. The kits will be dropped off in a Zero-contact delivery approach.

  • JUNE 8TH: Contactless Fruit Tray & Card delivery

  • JUNE 10TH: Activity Kit Delivery

Angus reports Alberta Transport would not be able to allow the planned parade for the seniors as the town and county had been planned, citing the starting/staging point and the endpoint would constitute a gathering larger than allowed by COVID restrictions.

On the recommendation of the town administration, the council appointed Chase Comaniuk and Aislin Reule as Deputy Directors of Emergency Management. Councilor Gord Lawlor motioned to accept the administration's recommendation for the appointments and the motion was passed.

Councilor Scott Pfiefer motioned that summer sessions of the Committee of the Whole be canceled and the motion was carried. The council then accepted the statement of accounts payable, which showed everything up to date.

Councilors gave a rundown of their other committee meetings. Councilor Malcom Fischer explained that the Community Builders Committee has tentatively picked the locations of their first 2 monuments along the walking trail near Pioneer Grove and across from the arena.

Councilors Lawlor and Pfieffer had recently attended a community development webinar with other municipal officials from other communities. Both councilors spoke highly of the event. Mr. Pfiefer did make particular mention of one presenter who discussed incentivizing people to shop locally in person, as opposed to online. He explained some places had put together various programs with local businesses in their community that planned special events, or offered discounts or a point system for those who physically visited the stores. The use of an app for such programs was also discussed by the presenter.

The meeting summary was motioned to be accepted by councilor Wayne Smith. Councilor Malcom Fischer then motioned for adjournment and it was unanimously passed.

Carson Ellis, Reporter


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